Fifty Shades Revealed

The first footage of Fifty Shades of Grey was revealed on March 26th at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Universal debuted a clip showing Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey meeting for the very first time. The Hollywood Reporter says, “The clip showed leads Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) meeting in Grey’s office (“Mr. Grey will see you now,” says the receptionist), in coffee shops, and the hardware store where Anastasia works, all familiar scenes from the book.” And, “While based on E.L. James’s erotic novel, the film looks to be more romantic than sexual. There was a brief glimpse of Johnson wearing a black blindfold in a red room, but most of the focus was on the couple’s courting [“courtship”]. “Hearts and flowers-that’s not who I am,” says Grey at one point in the clip, which also showed a brief glimpse of him pushing Anastasia up against a wall.”